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If you like to keep things simple, our Natural Protein Powder is for you. Unsweetened and uncomplicated, it’s the all-natural way to achieve peak protein consumption. Perfect for bodybuilders, athletes or vegans who want to ethically enhance their protein intake.

Powered by Aussie faba beans, our protein powders have a smooth, satisfying texture – without that gross grittiness you get with other plant-based products.

Simply prepare in a protein shaker with water. Or use it as a base for your signature smoothies. However you enjoy it, one thing’s for sure: #BodsLovePods.

  • Plant-based, vegan friendly
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Dairy, gluten and nut-free
  • No added sugar + low carb
  • Non-GMO
  • Made in Australia with Aussie ingredients


Ingredients: Faba Bean Protein

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4 reviews for Natural Protein Powder

  1. Martin Gibson

    Better than my expectations!

  2. Martin Gibson

    This tastes really good as well as being super healthy.

  3. Eddie Feltham

    Lovely stuff!

  4. Martin Gibson

    Test Review

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