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About Us

Our mission is to produce the healthiest, homegrown Aussie protein powders. Finding a great tasting, healthy, 100% Australian grown, protein powder wasn’t always this easy.

Discover the key principles about us, that set Pod+Co protein powder apart:


Plant-based Protein Powder

Pod+Co starts with Australian grown faba beans. Why? Because we believe that a healthy protein powder, is a plant based protein powder.

Faba beans are rich in protein and excellent for promoting muscle growth and development. Plus, they’re packed with fibre, vitamins, minerals and other healthy nutrients.

Research shows that faba beans may improve high blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and help weight loss.

What’s more, as humans seek more ethical and sustainable alternatives to animal products, faba beans may potentially support the increasing demand for protein worldwide.

Faba beans are the superfood of the future! Did we mention they are also smoother tasting than other plant protein?

Natural Protein Powder

Australian grown

There are other so-called “Australian made” plant-based protein powders out there. But a closer look at the label reveals that up to 95% of the ingredients may be imported from overseas.

Have you ever wondered where those imported ingredients come from? And what about the farming practices? Are they environmentally sustainable? GMO-free? Are the soil and water free of dangerous chemicals or contaminants? Are the workers paid a fair wage?

We believe that food should be produced locally to support Australian farmers and reduce unnecessary food miles. That’s why our faba beans are grown from GMO-free varieties in beautiful Queensland.



Australian made

We believe in supporting Australian manufacturing and jobs. If there’s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it’s the value of national self-sufficiency. That’s why our protein powders are manufactured right here in Australia.

We don’t ship our premium Aussie ingredients offshore to take advantage of cheaper labour and manufacturing costs. Even our packaging is made and printed in Australia. 

Because that’s how it should be.

Ethical, all-natural ingredients

Some brands of protein powder aren’t as safe and effective as they claim. Have you heard the horror stories about “protein spiking”?

This is when dangerous fillers and cheaper amino-acid compounds are substituted by dodgy manufactures.

The good news is you don’t need a degree in chemistry to decipher what’s in our products. We only use ethical, all-natural, non-GMO and allergy-free ingredients grown from the earth, not from a lab.




Low in carbohydrates

If you’re living a low-carb lifestyle and trying to lose weight, the level of sugar found in some protein powders is a deal-breaker. Our products contain ‘no added sugar’. 

Additionally, being dairy and lactose-free, they’re naturally low in carbohydrates. 

The secret to our smooth, great taste is stevia – a natural sweetener that contains little to no carbs or calories.

Join the Pod+Co revolution

If you’re serious about peak performance AND what you put into your body, Pod+Co is the protein powder you’ve been looking for. 

Try one of our four delicious flavours today and you’ll taste, feel and see the difference.








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