50 Calibre’s has a new pre workout, by the name of Grenade. This pre workout delivers good levels of stimulants that increase blood flow and really get your heart pumping. This supplement is designed to give you an edge in the gym. With full potency ingredients you are sure to get one of the most intense workouts of your life, using this supplement. Grenade By .50 Calibre is clinically designed to help athletes, strength trainers and bodybuilders perform better in the gym. With this supplement you will be able to blast through the toughest, most grueling workouts with absolutely no problem.


This supplement will also increase your endurance, allowing you to lift more weight, for more reps. As you know more reps and more weight equals more muscle! This awesome supplement comes in delicious mouth watering flavors that mix well in water. Simply add some of this supplement in a shaker of water and enjoy. With flavors like Berry Blast and Lemon Raid, you are sure to enjoy ever last drop of this pre workout. With the increase of blood flow you get from this supplement you are guaranteed bigger pumps in the gym. At only 25 calories per serving, this supplement is great for


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