Many bodybuilders know the importance of using Whey Protein as a supplement. However, very few athletes know about the benefits of Casein Protein. Made from similar cheese making processes, Casein digestion slower than its Whey counterpart. Casein Complex is high in BCAA’s which help athletes recover from a intense workout. Casein not only aids in the growth of muscles in the body, but can also help in bone. The benefit of using Casein Complex, is that your body will be able to digest a complete protein. A complete protein, is one that has all of the necessary amino acids in it.


Casein Complex is designed to mix incredibly well with both water as well as milk. This makes this supplement perfect for those that are looking to lose weight or gain muscle. Casein Complex can be used as a meal replacement, or thorough out anytime of the day. For athletes, strength trainers and bodybuilders, this supplement can be used pre workout, intra workout or post workout. What really makes this supplement great is that it is low in both fats and carbohydrates. This means that you will not put on any excess fat by using this supplement. Casein Complex comes in a variety of different flavors including: White Chocolate, Belgian Chocolate and Cantalopue.


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